Mac cheese, cookies and cake

Trying to make cookies with 3 year old twins in tow was never going to end well but I tried. The fact I also suck at making cookies probably didn’t help matters.

These turned out nothing like I imagined they would, but nevertheless vaguely tasty. This batch also worked out around 40p to make so I’m fairly pleased there. Plus theres enough for an after school snack and some for the husband to take to work for a snack.

My chocolate and banana cupcakes however turned out extremely well 

So moist and rich but yet light and fluffy.  These were a huge hit for the children after school along with half a watermelon. Usually they’d reach for chocolate minI rolls and barney bear cakes but with these yummy treats around they haven’t even asked for them. Definitely going to have one of these with a coffee later.

Home made macaroni cheese has always been a hit with mine, especially Dylan who tends to live off beige foods. Simple, yummy and cost effective. Particularly handy when it’s the day before payday.

Recipes are all off the bbc good food website